About the Artist Valerie Phillips

Valerie Phillips graduated from Park Hill High School and has lived in North Kansas City for 40 plus years. She is a self taught lead and stained glass artist.

She has been co- owner of Stained Glass Creations since 1982. As of 2019 she is the owner. Her current role in Stained Glass Creations LLC is marketing, sales, stained glass design, manufacturing and bookkeeping, and also she teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced stained glass classes.

Valerie also served five years on the board of Heart to Heart for women in recovery, from 2012 till 2018.

She contributed to founding a non-profit Northtowne Arts Coalition in 2012 and serves on the board for 5 plus years. Her skills were in marketing, entrepreneurship, love of design, and the ability to market what is not yet manifest---to sell the dream. Twenty five years ago I went through a life changing   transformation. I am a recovered alcoholic and through that transformation discovered a new form of art. Repurposing found objects like vintage dishes to create a collage of art personal to each individual. This has become a form of healing art for me. I teach a class called Vintage dish sun catcher. I do this for groups of 6 at a time. You can learn some basic skills of working with art glass.

Valerie Phillips

About the Company NKC Stained Glass

Stained Glass Creations the company evolved from working in a garage  making suncatchers to teaching ourselves how to lead.... to doing the very first ever Home and Garden Show by a stained glass company.

Back in 1983 Dave Phillips artist and co-designer we built a room and filled it with stained glass at Bartle Hall. Over the years of attending this event, we won awards and got noticed by builders and designers in the Kansas City Area. A group of young kids directed by Connie Phillips, an amazing woman, took on the Stained Glass industry.

Today I along with some very talented artists in the area are still creating some beautiful stained glass windows.